Fiji lies West of Tonga
                                   and east of  Vanuatu.  The
                                   country occupies an archi-
                                   pelagoof about 322 islands,
of which 106 are  permanently inhabited, and

522 islets. The two major islands, Viti Levu and
Levu, account for 87% of the population.  

The population of Fiji is mostly made up of native
Fijians, who are Melanesians (54.3%), although
a few also have Polynesian ancestry, and Indo-
Fijians (38.1%), descendants of Indian contract
labourers brought to the islands by the British in
the nineteenth century.
Ni sa Bula ! (Hello & Welcome)
FIJI  2008

Log Entry End Date -
Oct 29, 2008

Savu Savu, FIJI  - Malolo - Vita
Levu - Mananukas - Yasawa
- Robinson Curueso

Latitude:   18.03.131S       
Longitude: 177.17.248E

Weather: Sunny - 90

Last Port:
Neiafu, Vava'u - Tonga

Total Log to Date:
24,247 nautical miles
P-39 World War II plane - Pilot lived, native family assisted
Bob, Skip, Wayne and myself head
out to dive on what remains of a
P-39  World War II  fighter aircraft
(mouse over image)
the town of Savu Savu on the
Fiji’s other big island, 2nd in
size to Viti Levu.   

From there we traveled down
Viti Levu and checked in at
Port Denerau, near Nadi.  
The rest of our time in FIJI
was spent west starting with
Malolo Island to
Mamanuca's and finally the
July 17,-October 29, 2008
Pirates Day
FIJI Musket Cove 2008 Regatta- Malolo LaiLai Island
Musket Cove 2008 Regatta  
An action packed week filled with
beach games, Island Bar Parties,
beach games, Pig Roast, Gulf
Tournament, Pirates Cat Challenges
and plenty of Rum Cat Challenges
and plenty of Rum for the Princess
Night !

Bobby won the hairy chest contest
but somehow I missed the wet
T-shirt contest - "A GREAT reason to
celebrate with ANOTHER rum drink.  
S/Y Endangered Species
Rick and Robin
S/Y Anthem
Gary and Annie
S/Y Gosi
Tom and Barb
Hiking one island we came across this village that brought in the
island rugby team to put on a new roof,   Click on the grass roof to
see the semi-completed project.  PIC ABOVE RIGHT: The women in
the village make lunch for the voluntary workers.
their family.  We met Bill in
the Blue Lagoon where he
runs a "Taxi service" in a
long wooden boat.
Savu savu - at low tide
you'll see some locals
push their way from
mainland to an island
where they fish for crabs
from their raft.
Fijian hunting at low tide using a knife
to dig through rock and picking out
clams hidden below
Mr. and Mrs. Vunisa live on the Island
of Naviti in the Yasawa Islands.  
Their Son - an artist who now resides
in NZ painted this mural for them.
These worms             appear only one time
during the year, 10 Days after the full moon
in the month of October.  Tall piles of them
The piles are so dense and can be so tall
they will stop a boat in its tracks  Fijians
consider them a delicacy and will hunt for
them in the middle of the night.  Balola is
the Fijian name for October worms.  Click
on Bob to see them closer.
Sonita Vunisa is making brooms that will
be taken to the mainland for sale
Party & Princess Night
Kim, Bob, Rick, Helen, Robyn, Scott
Helen, & Dale        Bob & Kim
Rick & Robyn
Rick and Bob at the Musket Cove
Sand Bar
3-Legged Race became
the crawl race
Bob: "Barb, drink it"   "no
calories are in this"
Tom: "I've been dreaming
of this night..."
Scott: "I forgot to shave...."
Smiles abound, our
wonderful Island Bar staff,
(right): Mary, Vasiti, Lavinia
Can you believe these
guys were engineers?!
Q?: "Does Wayne's smile
remind you of a Spider
asking a fly to come visit???
the Mananuca's and Yasawa's
To get a glimpse of the "real Fiji," visit Nadi Market downtown Nadi (pronounced
ndi").  Part of the market is in the open air and part in an enormous
shed.  The most colorful part of this outdoor market was the spice and
vegetable market.  
"The Athletes"
Mature Olympians
"We finally got Soll to do
the dishes!"   Yeahhhh!
Many movies have been filmed in FIJI and here we sit on the actual raft Tom Hanks used
in "Castaway".  On right; We stand on what remains of the set for "Survivor".  Also standing
was the frame of the bunk house the contestants used.
Ever wonder why the number
81506 at the end of our
website name?
Friends makes Great
Bill and Bob
moments after
Bill gave us
the worms
"See Bob smile"
                MATACAWA LEVU Island
 SESE Village
                Soll and Anne along with
                Bob and myself were invited to Church
at the Sese village and dinner at Bills home the
following week.
Sese Village - MatacawaLevu
the Mananuca's and Yasawa's
with Soll & Anne
with Skip & Wayne
off the Island of Naviti...
Looking out for reef as we
enter Octopus Bay, Waya
"You haven't been to
the Yasawas' if you
haven't been to
Snorkel Queen and King
Kim: " Where's Bob?"
Skip: "I think he saw
Wayne: "Something is
biting my toe"
                                             limestone island amid a
                                             string of volcanic islands.
                                             After few hundred years
                                             shafts of daylight enter
                                             the great dome shaped
                                             cave (15 meters tall
                                             above the surface) where
                                             you can swim in the
                                             natural pool. With a torch
                                             and a little courage you
                                             can also swim through
                                             underwater passages into
Three Cute Guys and a real Blossom
Sailing to Nanuya-Levu, Yasawas'
Skip:  "Give me a break, I don't see any Coconuts?"
Bob:  "Only a surgeon could do that!"
Wayne: "Bob!, I thought you
had an Auto-pilot!  I'm
ready for the Amerone"
Skip: "Wow!, I thought Liver
transplants were
A dinner Invitation to Bills home on
Matacawa, across from Nanuya- Levu
where we anchored - gave us a chance to
experience island cooking.  
At Left:  Women hunting for Octopus.
At Right: Nanuya Resort serving Octopus
Bottom: Our host home, Bill, wife and family
Wayne: "Skip, If your livers would like
Amerone - we could solve these problems"
"Is Wayne the Fox?  
Or being chased?   
Kim: "Is that Captain
Nemo or Captain Bob
A night to remember
Bob: "Mmmmmm, but needs garlic"
"Who's keeping who in line??"
Island Formal Attire
Octopus Dinner - prepared in Coconut Milk
Visiting the Vunisa
family on the island
of Naviti.  
Bob: "who's doing dishes"?
Bill and family
Soll & Anne, Kim & Bob, Robyn & Rick
Balancing Act
Musket Cove Resort and Marina