Free-diving  a P-39 Air Cobra WWII fighter plane wreck

Sixty years ago a US fighter aircraft which had a mechanical problem ditched in a lagoon on the
eastern side of the island of Naviti in the Yasawas, Fiji. Fortunately the pilot escaped and was
soon picked up by a flying boat rescue aircraft.We knew of the wreck but even with a  
reasonably good description of the location in about 5m of water, it was surprisingly difficult to
Bula !
Bob  &  Fijian friend         John,    Mark  &  Carolyn
Fiji 2009
Aug 28 - Nov 6 2009
The geography of Fiji
is divided into four
parts: Viti Levu (the
largest island in the
group, and the most
populated), Vanua
Levu (the
island), the Yasawa
Group (located a
short distance
northwest of Viti
Levu), and the Lau
Group (a large group
of small, disperse
islands to the east of
the big islands).

In all, there are over
800 islands in Fiji,
although only about
110 are inhabited.

Viti Levu has the
largest population of
any of the islands,
and is where is the
capital of Suva (the
seat of power for
the government) is
Buying Kava
Brother John
Fiji's third-largest city Nadi (pronounced nan-di) is located on the western side of the
main island of Viti Levu, and had a population of 42,284 at the most recent census,
in 2007.  Nadi is multiracial with many of its inhabitants Indian or Fijian, along with a
large transient population of foreign tourists.  Along with sugar cane production,
tourism is a mainstay of the local economy.  
Come sail away. . .
Like Father,                     
 like daughter...
Mark: "oh come'on - I
can do it, I can Helm!"
Captain Bob:  "Bring it on,
matie! Need more wood !   
HAIL the rescue vessel!
Carolyn:  "If only I had a Spartan Compass?"
Mark:  "I can read faster than dad can! . . .
Oh My Gosh!  Dolphins...!
What?? Us hide our kids
in the luggage!!
This gives new meaing to "Out-house"
"5 days, 4 hrs and 32
minutes of fishing and all I
get is a wee spotted sea

"Oh Yes!!  My first sailfin
game fish!  Can I keep it
Uncle Bob? Can I? Can I?"
Campfire girls
Nasomo Bay
Lacing their way up
the West coast of Fiji,
the Yasawas are a chain of 20 ancient
islands famous for the crystal blue lagoons,
rugged volcanic landscapes, abundant sunshine
and some of the Pacific's most ethereal  
John: "Not a Martini, but Really Refreshing!"
Naviti  Island Home
John: "I could have designed this better"
Mark: "Dad, These only last 200 yrs"
John keeping a Good Look Out
maybe he needs to put his
glasses on
Fresh pineapple
on a stick...
Fast Food -
Fijian Style
John: "Is this
stuff really
better than
It's 5 O'clock somewhere...
A lime is a lime to a lemon
John: "Hey dudes, 'I'm a survivor!"
A slow boat to Fiji
Double fisted
"How many for swimming back to the boat?"
The fruits are
gathering Fruit
Would you trust her
with your bananas
The "How To" on vegi's Fijian style...
take a rainy day dingy ride up a Mangrove
lined river.  Walk up a hillside and you're
Any stowaways?
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Family Visit: Sept 5 - 17th
Look at that face! His private stockpile