St Lucia Island
The Pitons
Jungle Shades
Local hat maker in
Rodney Bay Marina
creates a lamp shade for
our 12 volt cockpit light.
7-11 or Micky D's ?
Not on St Vincent but how about a Coconut Milk at a road side vendor
where he piles his coconuts for sale - and a Machete in hand to whack off
the top.  
St Vincent & The Grenadines
Banana Plantation
Stopped off to see
how the plantations
are run.  Local
workers welcomed
us to see there crop.
Climbing to the Black View
Falls through tropical forest
Dark View Falls
Bamboo bridge
on passage to
Dark View Falls,
a 2 mile hike
inland on St
Tree Snail at Dark View Falls
A rather large root vegetable with a 6- to 12-inch length and 2- to 3-inch diameter,
cassava has a tough brown skin with a very firm white flesh.  Bitter cassava contains
                      a poisonous acid that can be
                      deadly and must be processed
                      before it can be eaten. This is
                      done by boiling the root in water
                      for at least 45 minutes discarding
                      the water.
cassava and place it in
a muslin cloth, then
squeeze out as much of the acid as
possible before cooking. Bitter is
not sold unprocessed in some
The Caribs of St. Vincent were joined by
Caribs fleeing the Europeans on other islands,
who survived shipwrecks in the
area.  News of the free
menon St. Vincent spread
throughout the islands.
By 1676, 30% of the
population of St. Vincent
consisted of former slaves.
Women were scarce and
the African men were fierce
competition for the Caribs.
A new mix of former slave and Carib was called
the "Black Carib" and quickly began to
outnumber the original inhabitants, the "Yellow
Yellow Carib, one of
the few remaining
where fishing boats are pulled up next to wooden rum shops and bars. Outside these, local
residents set up their barbecue grills to cook and sell the catch of the day and other
specialties such as  accras (fish cakes). The street is closed to traffic and chairs and tables
are set out. A large number of families are always present enjoying the delicious food and
drink, and the flavour of a real  local get-together
                                                                                large speakers at the end
                                                                                of the street, is not
                                                                                overwhelming. The
                                                                                atmosphere is like a large
                                                                                barbecue party with very
                                                                                accommodating hosts.
L'Anse LaRaye
Geoff and Sarah,
new friends from
the boat "Swedish Rhapsody of Sark" a
Hallberg Rassey s/v.
"Pirates of the Caribbean"
Passed                                     a Saint
Vincent native that had just seared
off the hair of a possum for dinner
Wallilabou Bay on St Vincents West Coast was the home of the
movie "Pirates of the Caribbean".  We anchored in the same bay
and many of the sets are still there.  The Building above is made
of a dense styrofoam and wood facia.  Would not have known if I
didn't go behind
Notice the dock set above - the same set
that Johnny Depp swang upon after he
held a knife to Elizabeth Swans throat.
The Black Point Tunnel also known
as "Jasper Rock" tunnel was
constructed around 1815 by Colonel
Colonel Browne then owner of the
Grand Sable Sugar Estate drilled
this 360 ft tunnel through hard
volcanic rock at a cost of 5,000
pounds. The tunnel was constructed
from the factory at Grand Sable
Estate to the wharf of the Byrea/Mt
Williams side of the tunnel.

What looks like caves on the Byrea
side were once warehouses for
storing the sugar.  The waves and
sea state on this side are
tremendous.  Few boats are ever
seen due to the conditions, however  
when the swells were low, the wharf
jetty had a crane to assist with the
placing of the hogsheads of sugar
into droghers.   The Caribs who were
skilled seafarers were used as
boatmen to ensure that the
hogsheads got safely into the craft
and out to the main vessel for
The other side of the tunnel, where the goods were stored in sea
created caves and transferred to boats
Black Point Tunnel
organization  dedicated
to saving the
'Hawksbill' turtle.
The Oldhegg Turtle big
difference in the
survival of these
creatures. In operation
now for eight years and
have already released
670 three-year olds
with his special mark
(a hole drilled in the
back end of the shell).
Divers are seeing
these marked turtles
throughout the waters
of the Grenadines
Orton King, Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary
After processed coconut is added and patties
are made, fried and eaten
Note muslin cloth sack
under board
To view other side entrance
for taking turtle for a swim
November 26, 2005 -January 2005