Spain & Portugal
Santiago De Compostela    pop 90,000
Hilarious... Discarded Paper
towel stuck with us through
two Gales - later to be found
wrapped around a ball joint
Beautiful Santiago known for the corpse of St James Apostol - transported from the Holy Land to
the far side of Spain by two deciples after his execution in Jerusalem in AD44.  In 813 the grave
was supposedly rediscovered by a religious hermit following a guiding star (hence
'Compostela', field of the star).   The story gained strength in the following centuries, and
Santiago de Compostela became a goal for Christian pilgrims from all over Western Europe.  
The Cathedral and Plaza of buildings were built in the 18th century to honer the Christian
beliefs.   Narrow Streets offer shops, restaurants and Tapas Bars.    
Tapas Bar in Santiago.  
Razor Clams, Roasted
Pimento Peppers and
Baby Squid
Vasconcellos  PORTO   1879
Sharing in the secrets of
making Port at the cellar of
Vasconcellos, the Douro
Valley region
Tapas Bar in Baiona, Spain.  
Butcher, Glacia Spain
Arriving in Baiona, Spain early
morning from Kinsale Ireland.
Spain & Portugal Country
side covered in Grape vines
Atlantic View    Baiona (Bayona)