Invercauld Road in Braemar
At 1100 ft above sea level,     
      Braemar holds the record
for                                                                      Britain's lowest recorded
temperature, of -27.2 degrees C, on 10 January 1982.    Yet our day
there was beautiful reaching 20 C.   Braemer is best known for its
Highland Games, which date back over 900 years.   To this day, the
Highland Games are held at the Braemer Castle in September.   
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Eilean Donan Castle
The castle stands on a rocky promontory and looks
westward to the Isle of Skye.  
(we will be sailing to the
Isle of Skye mid-Aug )
The castle was originally a
stronghold of the Mackenzies of Kintail and was
partially destroyed by the English in 1719, but was later
restored by the MacRaes.  The day we visited, set up
for a wedding was in progress and some of the rooms
were closed off for viewing.
The most northerly point on mainland Britain, Dunnet
is on the same latitude as Alaska.  Breath taking winds.

The headland's northern tip is crowned by a
346 ft high lighthouse
built in 1831. The bay it accompanies is popular with surfers all
year round as they take advantage
of the Pentland Firth breakers.
The Pentland Firth is actually one
of the most treacherous
waterways in the world.

For 14 hours a day the                                                                                 tide tears
through                                                                                         here from west to
east                                                                                 at a rate of 10 knots
or                                                                                 more, flooding back in
the opposite direction for the remaining 10 hours.
Combined with the rocky sea bed and the high wind off the
top of Scotland, the confused sea provides deep whirlpools
and 30 - 40 ft towers of water crashing against the reefs
off-shore.  This is the reason stones thrown by the sea
have at times damaged the windows of the Dunnet Head
lighthouse, at 346'  height.
Scotland Castles range from beautifully adorned and occupied to hidden finds such as
DUNOLLIE Castle  ruins                                                              shown here.  
High atop a ridge in Oban,                                                                     nestled deep into the
brush and covered in Ivy,                                                                        a Castle long
forgotten.  We hiked for two                                                                    miles into brush     
and climbed steep hills                                                                          discovering one of  
our favorite castles.
Bob on our way down from the ruins.  Not open to
the public, we hiked for a few miles to reach it.  
The Dunollie Castle ruins
as we discovered it from the road
Inland Trip
Want to see some beautiful countryside?   Hire a car and hit the road !   Be careful of Big
Lorries (trucks) and Coaches (tour buses)...   Single track roads along cliffs & stone walls
will challenge the best.

Five days and many Castles later we saw spectacular views, unusual animals, Heather
abound and Fisherman!
Abandoned in 1746,
little is left of the
grandeur of Dunollie
Castle other than the ivy covered walls.  
long gone yet the stones
remain that once supported
the floors.
(As seen in the
upper left corner and just above
my right shoulder)
Eilean Donan Castle
Highland Cows
Did you know?
»» Highlands are the oldest known cattle breed. Records of this
breed's existence date back as far as the 12th century.
»» The breed was first
imported into the
United States in the
late 1880s.
Have you seen them?
»» Highland cows are
known for their gentle

Care to test them?.
»» How do they see?
Fisherman bringing in "Velvet                                              
delicacy                                              to
the                                                   French                                                
and                                                      twice
as                                              much $                                               
value as                                             
Crabs                                                 favored
by  the Scots.  
Shells textured  like Velvet.
On the Edge!
Cuan Ferry   8-7-05
Brought us from Island of Seil to the
Bob:  "I need a Pint!"
Kim:   "I'll take a quart"
Bob:   "Drink slow - No Loo"
Kim:  "Bob, That's my Lonely
Bob: "It's not floating for long"
Bob:  "I want to check for my clan!"
Kim:  "DeMattia??  Scotch?"
July 20, 2005 - October 11, 2005