spectacularly beautiful place along the Urubamba River; the gorge is lined by agricultural
overlook the old town, a perfect grid of streets built by the
Incas, the only such layout remaining in Peru.  We found
the scenery around the Ollantaytambo is some of the
most stunning in the region.  The snowcapped mountains
that embrace this little town frame a much narrower valley
than others we have seen.  Bob loved this town.  While
standing below                                                you are
surrounded by                                                 the most
amazing preci-                                                 pitous
terraced ruin                                                    of this
massive Inca                                                    fortress.  
These girls were talking and spinning yarn on the mountain side
A picture of the town with the ruins in the background
Lifestyle of an Ollanta Woman
We visited the home of a local woman.  She welcomed us in to
see her hand made items for sale; dolls and textiles.
The family home is a big open room with 3 single beds, a
wood burner in the corner, sewing machine and a couple of
chairs.  Note the dried pig and Corn hanging from the Ceiling.
Also a common consumption in Ecuador is Guinea Pig.  
Family homes often have many running around.

The home has a tall rock fenced courtyard that opens by a
single door to a town street.  
Doll Maker
Food Stock
The dolls are made of hand made material
with the exception of the shoes that are cut
from discarded tires.  
Check out the things hanging on the wall.  
Premature Llamas, Cup holder, Spools of
thread, a candle for light, Tools and on the
stone shelf there are bowls of nuts and
seeds often used to make the dye for the yarn.
This home must have had 75+ Guinea Pigs
running around inside.  To coax them out for a
picture she sprinkled food down, yet there were
still just as many  under the beds and chairs.  
Guinea Pig is a favorite food for Ecuadorians.
Santiago & Bob
The dead had their organs and blood removed and were wrapped tight with cloth and rope and then stuffed them into a vase. These vases were placed in the niches shown here
What is he eating???
Check out the cute
Guinea Pig Tomato
Could it be Guinea Pig?
Looking down over the village from the terraces
The storied capital of the Incan Empire and
gateway to the imperial city of Machu Picchu,
Cusco is one of the undisputed
highlights of South America.  Stately and
historic, with stone streets and building
foundations laid by the Inca's more than 5
centuries ago.  By far one of our favorite
places to date.  We stayed in town at
Libertador, the very foundation of Inca ruins
used as the Hotel base.  Cusco noted in 1,000
places to see before you die - A must see!
Along the roads as
they watch their
sheep, the local
women weave and
sell to passer-by's
Pronounced 'sac-cee  woa-man' is on a hill
overlooking Cusco, the monumental
zigzagged defensive walls
of three tiers. Built mid-
15th century, some blocks
weigh as much as 300 tons.
Locals around Sacsayhuamman ruins
Santiago showing
fragrance of their
wild black pepper
Love the Colors !
Scenes as we traveled through the towns between Cusco and Machu Picchu including; Chinchero, Urubamba & Ollantaytambo.
Downtown Cusco outside our Hotel