Since primeval times, St.
Vincent has been blessed
with lush mountains,
volcanic-rich soil and
unspoiled landscapes of
brilliant flora and beautiful
crystal clear waters. Add to
this the idyllic islands and
deserted cays of the
Grenadines, and the
entire country emerges as
a prime eco-playground.
Lying just nine miles to the
south of St. Vincent, Bequia
is the largest of the
Grenadine islands - a
compact seven square
miles. Her history has
been deeply entwined with
the sea for generations.
The age-old traditions of
boat-building, fishing and
whaling are still evident.
Mayreau lies west of the
Tobago Cays. It is the
smallest (1 1/2 square
miles) of the inhabited
Grenadine islands, with a
population of two hundred
and fifty-four people.
Mayreau is accessible
only by boat. The island is
rimmed by magnificent
sweeping white sandy
beaches perfect for
sailing and snorkeling.
Union Island
Union Island is located
midway between
Grenada and St. Vincent
and is equidistant from
Barbados, Trinidad and
Tobago Cays
The huge Horseshoe Reef
that protects these five
deserted islets, with their
dazzling, palm-studded
shorelines, provides some
of the best snorkeling and
diving in the world.
St. Vincent
Visits with Family and Friends in the Grenadines
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Could you be anymore
relaxed at the U?
Bob Working?
New Friends found at
Chatham Bay Union Island
Wayne using the Head?
Patty Helming
the Laundry
Bay, a unique bay in several ways. It has
no development of any kind, which even in
the sparsely populated Grenadines is
pretty rare. It is very protected on the
leeward side of the island, yet is quite
breezy because of
wind funneling down the steep bay
walls. It usually has very few yachts in
it. Its only inhabitant is a guy named
"Shark Attack", and he alone is well
worth the trip to Chatham Bay.
You don't need to find him, he
will find you.  

Shark Attack was more than
thrilled to throw us a beach
barbecue lobster feast for $20US
each. Since he was promising an
"All you can eat" dinner with
Lobster and Fish, we braved the
squall and headed in with four bottles of
wine.  The man named Shark Attack
cooked our meal over a driftwood fire and
served us on tables he built himself.  
Enjoying the freshest of Lobster and Fish,
we were also served coleslaw, potatoe
salad, vegi & rice and a Peach Schnapps
and Rum desert drink.
Local boat vendors hang out in the Cays during the
season selling everything from ice, bread, and lobsters
to jewelry. They are a friendly bunch and very obliging if
you need them to bring you ice or bread the next day.
If                                                        you want to be left
The Tobago Cays are only accessible by boat or yacht
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On a sunny day on our way, to Tobago Cay...
Bob gives Wayne a competitive look...
What to have for lunch after anchoring in the beautiful Tobago Cays?   Just look around for  Boat Boys
that have their fresh catch to offer you.  Yellow-Tail Tuna fits the bill.  Bob gets to work creating a
delicious Curry Tuna over rice for lunch.
Not just another Doc - a
pro in the galley too!
Skip & Kim
Wallilabou Bay, St Vincent -
A local makes painted bowls out  
of a Calabash gourd.
...a bottle of wine later... we have hats
Randolf, local guide who took to
Patty, shows her some nutmeg
Down w/Dow, Patty takes on the
art of weaving folders and baskets
Enjoying a swing at
Friendship Bay Bar
February brought a visit from Patty DeMattia as we
sailed from Bequia up to Antigua
Patty on Watch
Patty:  "According to this
chart, we should have turned
at the last rock"
"Pirates of the Caribbean" Movie Set at Wallilabou Bay, St Vincent
Decisions, decisions... what necklace to buy?
3 Men and a Lady... Bob, Skip and Wayne take to the Seas