October;  Scotland
and Ireland with Mary.

Extended visit to the
beautiful countryside  
shared with Mary
DeMattia -  during
October as we sailed
from West Scotland
to South Ireland.
Thanks Mary for a
Great time... and all
your Help!  See you
soon - Carribbean!
Charles Fort, Kinsale, Ireland
-  Urquhart Castle, Scotland -
ARDFERN, Scotland  - Picture Mary took...
-view from our boat - Great shot!
Bridge over the
Atlantic - Scotland
View from our Bow, while docked
at Ardfern, Scotland
Mary:  "We ran out of road!"
Bob:  "All I see is Highway to
James Fort located directly opposite Charles Fort has a
commanding position, guarding with  Charles Fort, the
                       narrow harbour
                       entrance to Kinsale.
                       Construction began
                       in 1602 and
                       completed in 1607.
James Fort, Kinsale, Ireland
No. 4 Cafe Restaurant in Fort
Williams, Scotland
Standing in front of the
remaining Dovecot Hut...
4 nesting boxes remain
Tunnels link the block house point to
the main Fort
Block House Point
James Fort
Dinner with Friends - Alasdair & Cindy, Bob,
Kim and Mary at Kilmartin Restaurant -
Mary:  "Has been a hard day of
work, standing all these
stones up!"
Bob: "Good Job!  Time for a Pint!"
A Rose between two thorns
Bobby's  little  Dove
Mary:  "I miss Suzie"
Bob: "I thought I showed you how to
work the sheets?"
Bob:  "Mary, Thats not the Latrine"
Bob: "This is cool"        
"Did you build it?"
Mary: "Isn't Budwiser Great!"

Bob: "Kim, Isn't that her
third Half Pint of Kinsale
Lager ?"
Spectacular Sites of Europe
Mary:  "Call down and see about
getting a King"
Bob:  "Bed or mate?"
Dinner with friends:  Lord of the Isles, Scotland
Joyce & Tony, Harm, Bob & Kim and Mary
Bob: "That's a stick"
As Ireland's most
communication lines
Ireland's most
Europe and center of
trade.  wealthy Charles
Fort was built in this
strategic location to
protect the interest of
the British Crown.
The towns importance was reflected in the
strength of the Harbour defences - James Fort
constructed in 1602 and across the way also at
the Harbour entrance, Charles Fort in 1678
Fort Charles