City streets are lined with
beautiful Colonial architecture
Animal Market Day
Look closely  - they just bought a
pig and are stuffing it into a grain
bag.  Woman in Blue will carry on
her back in blue wrap, like a baby
see below...
Crossing the equator
Note 0.00.000 Lat N
And crossing over....
and by land.....
over water....
Check out our position on GPS!
Guachalla, Ecuador
4-15-07   9:00am
4-03-07    8:59
Ecuadorian Waters
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Local artist selling me pictures
for the boat.  We bought the two
smaller ones.  Of course Bob
saw me as a sitting duck as we
watched the animal market
OTAVALO market Day
Ecuador's greatest market
The oldest, best-known, and most
important Indian market in South
America takes place every Saturday
high in the Andes.  For 4,000 yrs,
thesocial and economic heartbeat of
the northern highlands; today it is
Ecuador's most popular destination
after the Galapagos Islands.

At dawn on Saturday mornings, the
market square
(called the Poncho Plaza)
in Otavalo gets busy.  Handicraft
workers from the outlying districts
come to negotiate their wares with
locals and tourist, though there are far
more Ecuadorians than other.

At the North End of the Plaza is hot
prepared food and a corner market for
animals as
cuyes (guinea pigs) and

In parts of Poncho Plaza vendors sell
everything from handmade
housewares to the traditional dress the
indigenous wear.   
Noted in 1,000 places to see before you die
Roses & Roses
Artesanias el
Cotacachi we

The proprietor took
us into the back and
demonstrated her
different looms. Each
makes a different
thickness of product.  

The unit where she
is sitting on the floor
with the belt holding
her to the loom is
their original means
of making textiles
and the looms
came later with the
Dye Colors come
from   in this case,
crushing an
insect  from the
catcus plant in the
Agava Plant used to make
bags and purses
Store front  
Kilikos Flowers
Export out of this one vendor of 10 hectors.  They offer
50 variety's and ship to Europe, China and the United
States.  $.40 - $.60 cents a piece depending on season.
April 1, 2007 - April 19, 2007
Both Sides
Of the
Hemisphere !
Walking along the Equator        in Guachalla, Ecuador
Walking along the Equator        in Guachalla, Ecuador