CALEDONIAN CANAL, Urquhart Castle, Inverlochy Castle, Mallaig Scotland
Moorings Pub
Fooling Around
Bob: "I wish I would get a mustache
Kim: "Leave my hair alone"
Lunch at Mallaig,
Seafood  Market Café
Urquhart Castle in the Highlands
Thumb Wars - Moorings Pub, Banavie
Inverlochy Castle
Cyn showing her scallop w/roe at Seafood
Market Café, Mallaig, Scotland
Cyn:  "Bob, what is this?"
Bob:  "I'll Call Dr. Liz"
Dr.Liz: "Scallops change sex at will"
Cyn:  "I have a plate of females!"
Kim: "Isn't Bob lucky - females everywhere"
The Old Pines restaurant, Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire  
2 Miles away, they came and collected us and took us back
to the boat!  Great food and beautiful setting & views.
The Commando Memorial
Spean Bridge,  
The Fish Market Café.  Took a train
(1.5 hrs) from Fort William to Mallaig
to have lunch and see the fishing
town.  One of the best meals yet!
Locks closed, picture from
the bow - waiting for the
water to fill.
Looking down several locks
A Pint of Beer at Fiddlers on our way
to find the Loch Nest Monster
Wk of June 13-19, my
sister Cynthia came for a
visit as we ventured out
along the Caledonia
Canal.  We had great fun
and will miss her!  
Thanks for the good
times and look forward to
next time!   
Kim & Bob
Hanging Out as the Gals man the Helm!
Bob: "Captain Stud"
Kim: "Yes Captain!"
Gates close behind us
Empty Lock
Bob: "How do I dial 911 Joyce in Scotland?"