Tracy: "I like this! I can
watch TV as I Helm"
Ray: "Hey Kim, does the Ocean have an Internet Cafe?"
Tracy: "Steph... are you sure you know what
you're doing?"
Steph: "No different than dancing Mom"
Bob: "New Yorkers"
Steph: "Gringo's!"
Bob: "These Flora Girls!"
"Kiss me my love"
Bob: "Don't Shoot!
Steph: "Mom, Hurry,
or it will fly away!"
Bob: "Cheers to Joyce!!"
St. Martin & British Virgin Islands
Come sail away with me...
                                                                                  The Hidden Forest of St Martin is a wonderful place to
explore what life in the Caribbean must have been like.   A unique farm that once cultivated sugar cane,
now gives you ecological views of the Caribbean Sea, Marigot, and the island of Anguilla.
"fly the trees" on a tree top tour along ropes from tree to tree.

We soared between the tops of majestic 200-year-old Mango and Mahogany trees, we experienced, “up
close and personal” the rich bio-diversity of St Martin’s only rain forest micro-climate (home to the largest
bird habitat in the Northeastern Caribbean).

In the beginning of our hour tour through the tree tops, the experienced staff instructed us in the use of high-tech gear
and explain the double redundant safety features while giving you an overview of the history, ecology and preservation
effort of the 300 year old former sugar plantation.

Then it’s up, up and away! The exhilarating traverse adventure course, consisting of a sequence of zip-lines, rope swings
and bridges suspended from platforms mounted in the trees of the forest, will leave you in a physical and mental state
mounted in the trees of total euphoria.
Best Cocktail
Painkiller. Legend has it that this
delicious -- and potent -- cocktail was
invented by bartenders at Jost's Soggy
Dollar Bar. Since they have no dock,
many people swim
drinks with "soggy
dollars". The "true"
Painkiller is made
rum, cream of coco-
nut, pineapple juice,
orange juice, and
freshly grated nutmeg on top.
Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke is a delightful
place and a very Colorful Caribbean
restaurant in this unique island paradise.
Foxy is an entertainer, entrepreneur,
philosopher, community
activist, world traveler,
conservationist, musician,
storyteller, cultural
historian, fisherman,
comedian, sailor – a true
West Indian Renaissance
Man of the 1990’s.
Foxy is proud of where he was born, who
he is, how his family lives, and his sun-
splashed cultural perspective.
Wind Surfing 101
Ring Toss at the Soggy Dollar Bar
Captains Chair
Ray: "Honey, Are you sure those are our girls?"
Tracy: "I think we should pull them behind the
Steph: "You want me to do what??"
Maria: "I'll show Bob!"
Maria: "Mom, take that silly top off"
Steph: "Just be happy she isn't
making us where one!"
Tracy: "Walk in the Park"  
Bob: "I want to live a life of Danger... I want to be an Airborne Ranger!"
Bob:  "Use your right hand as
the brake and if you let go  
you'll be history"

Kim: "Finally I'm an Airborne

Bob: "Not yet you're not - Not"
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