Set sail from Sweden on June 8th, 2005

Name: Northern Winds 81506  
Boat registration:  George Town, Cayman Islands
We have created this website as a chronicle
of our circumnavigation and a visual journal
for ourselves and our family.
We will continually update the website to
share where we are and what we
are doing.   

When visiting the site for updates, note the
buttons at the top of the Home Page for new
areas.  Old entries can be found in the
Archive section on the Home Page - Bottom.
Captain Bob & First Mate Kim
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It all started with a dream. . .
After Hull 81505 kissed a shipping container, about 850 Miles off the U.S. East Coast,  
the production of Hull 81506 began
Northern Winds conception began early 2003.  Hull production began '04
First in Class
November 20th began the start of the ARC, a
250 entry cruising yacht rally between Gran
Canary Island off the coast of Africa, to St
Lucia in the West Indies.  On December 6th,
Northern Winds was the First to cross the
finishing line winning line honors for
Cruising Class Division!

16 Days and
14:49 Hrs.
Bob DeMattia, Bob DeClercq, Kim DeMattia, Jason Brekenridge, Jeff Taylor
UPDATE:  July 22, 2013

Has been 3 years since we've updated
this site due to a software conflict we
had with Vista in 2009.  We are now up
and running again and will start filling
in the void.   We have been to so many
new places.  New Caladonia, Vanuatu,
Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Thailand and Myanmar!  
Keep checking in for the adventure!!