November 20th
began the start of the
ARC, a 250 entry cruising
yacht rally between Gran
Canary Island off the coast of
Africa, to St Lucia in the West
Indies.  On December 6th,
Northern Winds was the
First to
cross the finishing line winning line
honors for
Cruising Class Division!

CREW: Bob DeMattia, Kim
Flora, Jeff Taylor, Bob
Declercq & Jason
Kim, Bob &
Angie at
welcoming party
with two trans
Kelly & Jason
Mardi Gras Party for all ARC participants
Makings for great costumes were brought
over by Cyn as we all laughed and made the
best costumes at the party!
Even the local dog
joined the fun
Cynthia and Kelly
Bob, Kim & Jeff

Below Left:                                          Below Right:
Cyn, Chris, Elenor & Angie          Kelly and Jason
Jason with a little
weather Helm
ARC Big Boat Dock
"Tight Fit"
Kim, Jason and Crash
repairing a sail
Kim working on the daily ARC Log
Join the fun and laughs...
ARC preparation Week
Bob catches Fish with
Steak Knife
Gourmet Chef
Kim, Bob & Jeff
Dinner at Sea
Jasons Laundry
Jeff making last
minute repairs
ARC Prep Week
Tapas Bar - Las Palmas - Gran Canaria
Thanksgiving Dinner at Sea
St Lucia, Rodney Bay
View from our Boat
Spectators line the
Preparing the Spinnaker
As the First boat to cross the ARC finish line we were met by the Minister of
Tourism, a steel drum entertainer, Rum drinks and a basket of local fruits as
the ARC staff congratulated us for a job well done, 16 Days and 14:49 Hrs.
Rounding Pigeon point
toward the finish line
St Lucia
from top
of our
~ Gallery ~
1st Place
2nd Day - Dead Calm
Picture from top of Mast
photographer: Jason Brekenridge
During the ARC we
posted logs on a
regular basis that  
described our daily  
adventure at sea.
Those logs can
be viewed by
Mardi Gras
Bob and Cyn
Bob & Kim
Go Fish
Spinnakers Away!
Who let him behind
the Helm?
Hook!   I mean Cook!
Star Fisherman
Jeff & Jason
Kelly Passing the time...
ARC Party - Las Palmas Yacht Club
swim about the Bow