Sailing with Liz & Grant and Sue & Stan
I'm Styling !!
"Hang  On Liz!"
Grant: "Are these lobster
pots or birds in the water??"
Grant:  "Noooo, it's not C O L D, come on in...."
:  "You don't look convincing to ME"
They came to Maine to Kayak
and all they found was a
A view from inside the
Saloon while sailing along
Penobscot Bay
Kim & Bob  -  Stan & Sue
The Kilns at Rockport
Dinghy ride through the
Winter Harbor Cut
"Isn't life grand!  
Bucks Harbor
Just east of Cape Rosier
and West of the entrance
to Eggemoggin Reach.  
We were held up here for
a day due to fog.  
We found this small and beautiful Rockport harbor on the west side of Penobscot Bay what of
the more interesting places yet there is no real town to speak of.  In the 19th century, Rockport
was at the heart of the midcoast lime industry, and you can still see remnants of several old
kilns on the waterfront.   Great piles of white lime tailings are still visible in Walker Park.  

The countless "kilnwooders" were rough-built vessels, their decks piled high with cords of
wood.  The ships used to carry lime to market, on the other hand, were carefully constructed,
because this cargo had on e enormous drawback: if the slightest amount of water reached the
lime in the casks, it caught on fire, and the fire often was unquenchable.  
In Rockport where the tide
is considerable, they tie
their dinghy's to the
floating dock and then run
a line back to the
stationary pier, at the
other end of the line is a
weight and as the tide
rises, the weight drops
and keeps the boats
in-line so they don't rub
on one another.
Liz: "If only Charlie could
be here "
Lobster Boats and Lobster
Pots are ubiquitous in
Take a close look at the number
of Lobster Pots we have to
wiggly through
Leaving  Bucks Harbor in thick fog.  Take note of the Ghost Ship  far off Sue's shoulder
The Lobster Club
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The typical cruising season in Maine last from July 1st through Labor Day.  The
days are warm, the nights are cool, and the prevailing south-west winds are light
to moderate.  Loons and Lobsterman were out in full force with brightly colored
lobster pots buoys scattered about like confetti.  
Only 250 miles as the Crow flies,
Maine's convoluted coastline measures more than 3,500 miles.  Our favorite
cruising grounds were Penobscot Bay, Blue Hill Bay and Mount Desert, home of
Acadia Park.
The places we visited
offered an enormous
variety of fishing
villages, resort towns,
and remote coves
framed against the
spectacular backdrop
of Mount Desert and
the Camden Hills
Acadia National Park
35,000 acres of the park cover the most spectacular scenery on the island of Mount Desert and many would say on the whole Atlantic coast.  
winding everywhere for hiker, bicyclist and horse drawn carriages.
Bucks Harbor Yacht Club
The greatest little place
"Susy, is this what its like to retire?"
"Stan, How would I know, you are a
full time job!"
New Hat?