Cradle Mountain
The Beginning...
Resting at Dove Lake
Pandani Tree
Looking down on Crater
Lake, mid mountain
Marions Point  - About half way there
Barely see the path, heading up the right
quarter of the mountain towards the right
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Rest and Emergency Weather Hut
at the base of Craddle Mountain
Kim:  "Bob, isn't it great -   
we're here!"
Bob:  "Yeah, but how are
we going to get back?"
1/2 Way up the Mountain
and views of Dove lake in
the background
Located in central western Tasmania, Cradle Mountain National Park is the
most famous of Tasmania's National Parks.  It's rugged mountain peaks and
alpine moorlands offer some of the finest scenery in Australia.  
Here resting along Dove Lake with views of cradle mountain. The track circles  
Dove lakes' rim weaving through rainforest and quartzite beaches.
World Heritage Wonderland
Cradle Mountain Summit  (1545m)
The track goes east off the main track just
south of Kitchen Hut.  It's a steep climb over
scree.  Had to allow for a three hour return.
Cradle Valley
Boardwalk, completed
in 2003 provides a
raised walking trrack
between the Visitor
Center and Dove Lake.   
Rounding Wombat
Peak  to Marions
Point where great
views of Dove Lake
and Crater Lake
are attained.  
Bob:  "Kim!  Help - Help - Help!!"
Kim: "Honey, one inch at a time"
Kim: "How far to go?"
Bob: "I only work in Metric nowl"
Kim: "Bob, Hurry Up!"
Bob: "I'm just enjoying 1" at a time"
Wallaby at the boat shed, Dove Lake
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