Machu Picchu
Nestled into the Mountain side just before the
entrance to Machu Picchu is the Sanctuary Hotel.
Note above, lower left corner - green roof.
Back in the '70's, the Peruvian government built a
temporary hotel on the top of the mountain just
steps from the entry to Machu Picchu as a way to
show off the ruins to international movers and
shakers.  As the ruins grew in popularity as a
destination, the hotel was rewarded with a
begrudged permanence.  Today, the Hotel stands
as the only major alteration to the ruin's isolated
setting, but as hotels go, it is pretty sensitively
inserted into the hill and not visible from the ruins
Hiram Bingham ~ Orient Express Train
At around noon, on July 23, 1911, an explorer named Hiram Bingham climbed up a steep hill and stumbled onto Machu
Picchu, uncovering what had been up until that moment, the Incas' best kept secret.  The World was amazed by his
discovery.  PeruRail's luxury train service between Cuzco and Machu Picchu, is named after the American explorer who
rediscovered the stunning ruins of the ancient citadel.

The train leaves from Cuzco in the morning taking a spectacular journey through a changing landscape while guests
enjoy brunch.  After the steep climb out of Cuzco, the train descends into the Sacred Valley, passing lush fields and
colourful villages in the foothills of the Andes.

The distinctive blue and gold carriages of the Hiram Bingham are warm and inviting with elegant interior upholstery.  
The train, consisting of 2 dining cars, an observation bar car and a kitchen car, can carry up to 84 passengers.

Since the Hiram Bingham departs Cuzco at 9am it gave us a more leisurely start to the day.  Brunch is served on board
the train whilst we enjoyed the spectacular scenery unfolding before us from the large windows.  The arrival at Machu
Picchu at 12.30pm gave us the advantage of entering the Sanctuary at an hour when the majority of the visitors are
already beginning to leave for their journey back to Cuzco.

The next night, back on board for the 6:00pm departure, pre-dinner cocktails are served, accompanied by live
entertainment and a 4-course gastronomic menu.  It was truly an experience never to forget and was the Best meal we
had in all of Peru & Ecuador.
Hiram Bingham - An Orient Express Company